Legal translations

Professional Legal translations

Knowledge of the technical-legal terminology and of the procedural process of an invention for accurate, professional and high-quality legal translations together with respect for the Client’s time constraints and the fullest confidentiality of the data provided and of the contents of legal texts. Main areas of expertise: out-of-court settlements, cease and desist orders, opposition procedures, appeals, decisions of the Opposition Division regarding the revocation, maintenance of a patent, or the maintenance of the patent in a modified form, unfair competition for slavish imitation, counsel on the existence of counterfeiting, user licenses, settlement and coexistence agreements and everything related to the legal aspects concerning the protection of an invention.

Relying on a professional translator

An accurate and professional legal translation is a prerequisite for the success of legal cases and business deals. The high technicality that characterizes contents of a legal nature, with particular reference to those related to the field of Intellectual Property, requires the translation to be done by an accredited professional, also and above all in consideration of the responsibility that the translator is required to assume with respect to the translated text. In order to avoid the risk of submitting incorrect or incomplete translations, with inevitable negative and costly consequences, it is therefore essential to rely on an expert translator who is able to guarantee quality and, of course, on-time deliveries.

Great experience, a byword for quality

have been working in the field of legal translations for a long time, offering my translation services to national and international companies that need legal translations from English and German into Italian. Due to my lengthy experience gained in this sector, I am able to offer reliable and accurate translations promptly, in compliance with the required quality standards and the many technical and legal aspects related to legal translations. Contact me now for a free quote and for more detailed information on legal translations.

Patent and technical translations

In addition to legal translation services, including: counterfeiting counsel, cease and desist orders, agreements between Companies or individuals and other documents of a legal nature, I also deal with patent translations and translations of manuals and other technical documents of a non-patent literature, in relation to different types of industrial sectors, among which the electronic, mechanical, medical, and medicinal sectors.
All my translation services are provided with a fast turnaround, with the Client being assisted from the initial stage of quoting through to delivery of the project.

“One thing well said
retains its flavor
in all languages”
(John Dryden)

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