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A reliable and accurate patent translation, in keeping with the contents of the source text and written clearly and comprehensibly, helps protect a Patent from counterfeiting and litigation. Accuracy of meaning, literalness, term consistency and fluency are the essential conditions the patent translator shall adhere to when approaching the translation of a patent. All translation projects follow a well defined process consisting in the following steps: receipt of the order, analysis of the text to be translated, translation phase, subsequent revision, proofreading, and final delivery to the Client. Main areas of expertise: industrial mechanics, lighting engineering, electronics, machine tools, hydraulics, metallurgy, medicine (in particular, medical devices), medicine (in particular, diabetes mellitus), pharmaceutical chemistry, molecular engineering, automotive, plant engineering.

Relying on a professional

Patent translation by an experienced professional can make the difference between the success and failure of a Company’s product. A good translation is the first defense against counterfeiting and theft of Intellectual Property in relation to national patents with protection extended abroad as well. Entrusting the translation of a patent to someone who is not skilled in the art may result in non-compliance with the required standards to the detriment of the claimed subject matter of the invention. For this reason, those who intend to expand and globalize their business by launching a patented product internationally will have to entrust the translation of their patent text to an expert professional who, in addition to guaranteeing quality and accuracy, is able to offer a fast turnaround in order to comply with tight deadlines often requested by the Client.

Multilingual patent translations

My lengthy experience in the field of patent translations has led me to work together with many Italian and international translation agencies and end clients who require the translation of patent texts from English and German into Italian. My studies and the experience I have gained in the field over the years allow me to offer a highly professional speedy service ensuring accurate translations to the highest quality standards. If you need a patent translation from English or German into Italian, please do not hesitate to contact me for a free estimate with no obligation.

Technical and legal translation services

In addition to translating patent and technical documents related thereto, I also assist my Clients in the field of legal translations related to Intellectual Property, namely: counterfeiting counsel, legal documents, cease and desist orders, settlement agreements, licensing agreements, and coexistence agreements, ensuring the utmost fidelity to the contents of the original documents. In addition, I provide translation services for non-patent technical literature, as well as translations of installation, use and maintenance manuals. All translation services are delivered quickly, when requested, with the Client being assisted from the initial stage of quoting through to project delivery.

“The translator
is the psychoanalyst
of the author”
(Daniel Pennac)

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