Technical translations

Professional technical translations

Reliable and accurate technical translations are provided, also thanks to the use of glossaries and translation memories that are constantly updated to the highest quality standards. The translation process is followed by a revision phase aimed at verifying the correctness and consistency of the translated text. Main areas of expertise: technical documents and instruction manuals, installation manuals, maintenance manuals, data sheets, declarations of conformity, machine tools, plant engineering, robotics, medical devices, electronics, lighting engineering, automotive.

Why choose a professional

A technical translation must be the only possible translation of a given term since its meaning is so specific and circumscribed that those who read it expect to find it always the same, as the concept it expresses is always the same. Relying on a skilled translator means receiving reliable and accurate translations together with a fast turnaround and on-time delivery.

Italian, English and German

My long experience in the field of technical translations gives my clients the guarantee of receiving accurate and immediately usable technical translations from English and German into Italian. Please contact me to get a free quote and define all the technical-procedural aspects aimed at obtaining the right technical translation for your project.

Legal and patent translations

The translation of technical documents and manuals, data sheets and declarations of conformity are only some of the services I provide. I also assist my Clients in the field of legal translations ranging from counterfeiting counsel to cease and desist orders, settlement agreements, licensing and commercial agreements or coexistence agreements. Accurate and on-time patent translations are also provided in accordance with the highest quality standards. All translation services are carried out swiftly with on-time delivery.

“To have another
language is
to possess a
second soul”
(Emperor Charlemagne)

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